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  • Ensure a Successful Fundraiser with the Largest Taco Caterer in the Area!

    Tuition Bites supports organizations in a variety of ways, including onsite fundraisers for schools, free tacos to students at designated events, and our Laptop Giveaway program. 
  • Ensure You Reach Your Fundraising Goals - We Come To You!

    We work with K-12 schools, youth community groups, university groups, and church organizations to support your fundraising goals.
    When you have a fundraiser with us, 10% of the event's sales go back to your organization. We will also create a flyer for you to email, print, and distribute.
    Create a stress-free and memorable fundraiser. No coupons to hand out, no stress of having to send people to a specific location offsite. Create an onsite event at your school or church!
  • Select Date and Time of Your Fundraising Event